So I’m moving into a new place and wanted to treat myself to a new mattress. Not knowing a single thing about mattresses, I decided to go to a few stores to better understand the science behind it all. Miami Mattress was the second store I went to and from the moment I walked in I was treated like a first-class customer. This was a far departure from the terrible experience I had at a big box mattress store just a few shops down. The owner, Javier, listened to my needs, was extremely thorough in his explanations, offered multiple suggestions/deals for my price point, and was genuinely interested in my sleep wellness. I walked into the store just wanting to look around and left wanting to buy my mattress from this store. That’s how impeccable the service was. I’ve still got a little more research to do before committing to buy a bed but my experience at Miami Mattress has definitely left an impression strong enough for me to not only write this review, but want to go back! Go local and shop at this store.