Sherwood® innerspring mattresses combine exceptional support with the pressure relief joints need to heal as you sleep. Every Sherwood® model is constructed of higher quality materials selected for their longer comfort life and improved safety profile.

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Hybrid, Pocketed Spring and Innerspring Mattresses – Sherwood®


Defined by their consistent edge-to-edge support, Sherwood® mattresses feature an innovative open spring design that provides up to 21% better support than conventional innerspring mattresses.


High-density, gel-infused memory and upholstery foam, are just a few of the premium comfort layer materials you can expect from Sherwood® mattresses.

Naturally Safe

By utilizing the bedding industry’s only natural flame retardant materials, Sherwood® mattresses are compliant with over 17 international flammability standards. This extra level of protection provides peace of mind for your family without introducing toxic chemicals into the environment or your home.

Quality Assurance

Sherwood Bedding’s manufacturing systems are some of the most advanced in the world. Our products have been rigorously tested to assure that it meets the highest global quality standards.

Six-Sided Foam Encasement

Many Sherwood® mattresses feature high-density foam encasement to improve stability and expand the usable sleep surface.

Premium Woven & Knit Fabric Covers

Sherwood® mattresses feature high-end woven and knitted fabrics that far exceed industry standards. These fabrics look as amazing as they feel and also improve the durability and performance of our beds.


Lumina® pocketed spring and hybrid mattresses combine the finest fabrics and eco-friendly raw materials with over 50 years of mattress engineering expertise. For painstaking attention to detail at a surprisingly affordable price, look no further than Lumina®.
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Pocketed Spring & Hybrid Mattresses – Lumina®


Each coil spring is individually encased in its own lightweight, durable fabric pocket. This design allows each coil to respond independently which, in turn, improves support and virtually eliminates motion transfer.


Lumina® mattresses incorporate an array of the finest comfort materials in its top upholstery layers. Materials like Talalay latex and high-density memory foam enhance pressure relief and back support.

Naturally Safe

Many manufacturers continue to use chemical treatments and other materials that can adversely impact the environment, but not us. Sherwood Bedding always carefully selects every material we use with safety as a top priority.

Quality Assurance

Sherwood Bedding uses only time-proven manufacturing processes that minimize defects across our entire range of products.


Our unique cover fabrics evoke old-world luxury, yet offer the advanced ergonomic features of a high performance material. Judicious use of advanced fibers allow the fabric to stretch in four directions. This enhances and enables the pressure relieving, and support functions, of the materials below the surface.


While many competitors opt for lower-cost memory foams that provide less support and end up breaking down more quickly over time, Lumina® products use only high-density grades of foam. Our open-cell memory foam construction also maximizes ventilation to keep you cool throughout the night.
Sherwood EvoSleep Hero


EvoSleep® memory foam mattresses excel by capitalizing on the strengths of high-end memory foam brands, minimizing their weaknesses, and doing it all at a price that makes sense.
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Memory Foam Mattresses – EvoSleep


All foam meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.


The single most common complaint of traditional memory foam is how much heat it retains as you sleep. We use only open-cell foams treated for maximum cooling in our Evosleep® beds.

Naturally Safe

Every material that makes its way into a Sherwood Bedding product has undergone careful scrutiny and testing to ensure purity. The result is a level of safety that’s at once better for the environment and your family.

Quality Assurance

Through some of the most rigorous product testing protocols in the industry, Sherwood Bedding has established a reputation for long-term quality that you can depend on.


Only ultra-premium open cell memory foam is used in EvoSleep® Mattresses. Not only does this high-density memory foam provide better quality, natural alternative to competitive products, but it is also one of the most breathable options available. A unique manufacturing process allows our memory foam to help equalize the temperature of your sleep environment so you can enjoy undisturbed slumber.