Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses feature an additional layer of padding stitched right on top of the mattress. The extra padding layer resembles a pillow. This pillow-like layer is sewn underneath to keep it in place.

Pillow Top mattresses provides exceptional sleep comfort. Constructed with a 3-inch layer of cushion foam on top, the pillow top mattress contours to the body to soothe and provide a tranquil night sleep.

Pillow Top mattresses are recommended for those side sleepers. With sleeping on your side, sleepers commonly experience shoulder and hip pressure points that restrict blood flow. In turn, sleepers toss and turn all night. Pillow top mattresses offer the comfort level to alleviate the pressure points. In addition, pillow top mattresses provide proper spinal alignment. These qualities can also be beneficial to those suffering from arthritis or poor circulation.

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